Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Well, today is a beautifully brisk 73 degrees, and the sun is shining, and, after my obligatory five hours of cleaning, I went to paint.
Now, if you ask anyone in Louisiana, they will tell you that 73 degrees is pretty rare to have in early October. Not to mention less than 50% humidity! We usually have around 85-90 degree weather about this time of year with roughly 75% humidity. Therefore, I was justifiably excited about this turn of the atmosphere.
Sadly, nothing that is presentable resulted. With my student-grade watercolors in hand, I hiked through the foot-tall grass to a small pile of scrap metal topped by a flat piece of what used to be a plower (I think). I climbed on, set up, and found something to paint.
Now, if you were there, it probably would have been comical. To me, it was beyond irritating.
Here's how events progressed.

My kitten, Ash, suddenly decides that she needs to tackle me and send me sprawling onto the ground (and on top of several blackberry bushes).
My kitten

Thankfully, I hadn't opened anything potentially messy yet. After I had sent her on her way, I set up my watercolors, and brushes, and supply of water....
And proceeded to have nothing happen.
I stayed outside for several hours. My ink spilled, I found that I had bought the wrong pen nibs, my kitten returned and knocked over my water can, I discovered that ants love my feet, and the wind kept grabbing my pages and sending them merrily on their ways.
Besides several doodles, nothing significant resulted from all of my expectations besides a few abstract paintings. It's too bad. The pictures I took of the scenery around me will tell you how pretty the day was.

And on top of that, the ink I had brought with me, supposedly archival, was not waterproof. The label said waterproof. But it was not. Definitely not.

Laugh at my comedy of errors friends. Please. Laugh.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, Ash is pure sweetness. I adore kitties!! :)

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